Princess Jaelyn

Princess Jaelyn

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Jaundice Experience

The pediatrician told Mummy I was slightly yellow but they still allow me to go home as it was not so serious.

However, when I went back for check up the following Monday, Dr. Terence Tan said that the jaundice level is on the high side and he gave Daddy Mummy the option of renting the “Phototherapy” machine home instead of hospitalization.

I am supposed to be in this “Phototherapy” machine all the time except for bathing and feeding…

I cried the moment I have to be put in that machine because I feel uncomfortable and insecure. Every time I cried, Mummy cried as well… It was not fun at all…

Thank God, my jaundice cleared after 2 days in that yucky machine and I can get back to my favorite rocker again!!!


Have to wear the space suit in phototherapy machine.

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