Princess Jaelyn

Princess Jaelyn

Friday, November 13, 2009

Hong Kong Trip


Hong Kong here we come!!!

On the 2nd day (after we landed & rested in The Cityview Hotel) we went to Stanley Market & the PEAK. Of course visited the famous wax museum in Hong Kong – Madam Tussaud. I’m standing on the same platform as Marilyn Monroe.

dun like macau

On the 3rd day we went to Macau. I really don’t like it! The journey from Hong Kong to Macau and back is torturing!!! I was sea sick all the way! Not fun!


We went to Disneyland on the last 2 days of our stay in Hong Kong!!! I like it VERY MUCH!!! See! I get to take photo with Minnie Mouse!!! My favorite part of the whole trip!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Holiday!!! wee~~~

passport photo

Guess why am I asked to take this kind of photo???

Mummy making passport for me!!! FINALLY!!! We are going for a holiday!!! 1st one in my life!!! Yippie!!!

where are we going

Hmm… … where are we going??? Make a guess??? I’m already at the airport!!!

MacDonald~ lalala~~~


Daddy & Mummy finally brought me to MacDonald!! I love the apple juice!!! Nicest drink ever tasted so far! Hmm….

I’m Lovin it!

I love May Day!!!

JJ 111

Yuppie! 1st May… I love public holidays!!! Daddy & Mummy don’t need to go work!! Yeah!!

Enjoying being 1!

Enjoying life after 1

I started out my 1st step on my 1st birthday… and life is never the same after I can walk on my own two feet!

4 February 2009

Actual day

I had another small celebration on my actual birthday with Daddy & Mummy! I get to eat my cake this time! Chocolate taste yummy yummy!!!

My 1st Birthday!!!

1st Birthday

(To be Dated: 1 February 2009, Actual Birthday 4 February)

Yeah… I’m finally 1!!! I’ve got a Pooh Party Scene Setter, pretty in pink cake & cupcakes!!! Yippie Yeah Yeah!!!

Photo taking

People at my 1st Birthday!!! Thanks everyone for coming!!!

Gua Zhuo

Mummy thought it would be fun to play the Chinese custom - “抓周”. Guess what I picked first? The $1 coin of course!!! Am I going to be rich someday?!!! Mummy said YES!