Princess Jaelyn

Princess Jaelyn

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Falling sick…

During the 3rd month, Mummy brought me to Dr. Y Y Yip for my vaccination. I have 2 injections that day… One on the left thigh and another on the right. I was given the 5-in-1, Pneumococcal vaccination and Rotavirus vaccine (which is taken orally). I was a bit feverish after the vaccination and that was the first time I’m sick (9 May 2008). Mummy felt so bad that she allowed the doctor to give me so many vaccine on the same day and she was even reprimanded by my 外婆.

Oh… I didn’t cry when I had the 5-in-1 jab, it’s the Pneumococcal jab that was painful and I can’t help but to let out a cry! I’m quite a strong girl huh!

Jaelyn a bit feverish

My feverish look…

I fell sick again on 5 June 2008. First time I’m down with flu… I felt horrible… 2 days later, I got high fever of 39 Degree Celsius… Daddy & Mummy quickly brought me to Thompson Medical to see doctor. I slowly recovered and I fought the first time against flu virus!

(Mummy: You are a conqueror!!!)

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