Princess Jaelyn

Princess Jaelyn

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Chinese New Year

To be exact, this is the 2nd Chinese New Year (CNY) that I’m having. I had my 1st CNY when I was 4 days old!


I wore a Korea costume that Mummy bought for me on the 1st day of CNY and I wore the cheongsam that my 外婆 bought for me on the 2nd day.

I must say I don’t really enjoy this CNY. I don’t like the visitations at all. I don’t like unfamiliar people to touch me and worst of all, I missed my usual nap time!!! So I am super whinny and clingy to Mummy…

But I do have a new experience this CNY. After seeing me so unhappy for the reunion and the 1st day of CNY, Daddy & Mummy decided to bring me for a swim for the 1st time in my life!!!

CNY swimming

See my magnificent float! Haha… I love it! It’s a fun water experience. A tiny bit of FUN during this festive season!

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